Business Continuity


Disaster can strike at anytime and anywhere. Do you think your business prepared when the forces of Mother Nature, fire, flood or even human errors?

Many small businesses have experienced a significant data loss due to technology failures, fire, theft, human errors, and even something as simple as power outages. Technology leaders across the country recognize the importance of having proper safety measures in place to protect vital business data, and keep their companies running even when faced with a disaster or technical failure.

Our Computer Services backup, disaster recovery and business continuity solution includes:

  • Periodic onsite backup of all servers and critical business systems.
  • Offsite data backup to a secure cloud.
  • Cloud virtualization services allowing for fast recovery when a serious failure, disaster or outage occurs.

Call us today for a No-Obligation Business Continuity Review with one of our specialist. Switchboard Telecommunications will make sure your data is protected and your systems up and running, while employees remain productive.

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