Computer Networking Security


Do you know that Cyber Threats come from highly sophisticated criminals using various methods to breach corporate systems and steal valuable information? Nowadays Enterprise Security is the most important thing ever. More than half of million corporate records were breached in 2014. A cyber attack can steal data from your enterprise network over a long period of time.

  • Advanced Threat Management

Advanced analysis learning detects advanced threats before they happen.

  • Network  Analysis

Our search and destroy algorithms continuously learn normal network behaviors to identify abnormal behaviors.

  • Network Access Policy Monitoring

Define and enforce network security policies to monitor network behavior and its correlations.

  • Intruder Detection and Prevention

24/7 deep-packet network traffic analysis to detect advanced attacks.

  • Managed Firewall

Next-generation on-premise firewalls fully managed and monitored by our team of security experts.

  • Security Monitoring

Our team of certified security experts continuously monitor our client’s network to identify, investigate, and stop threats before they may occur.